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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's): 
Will my insurance cover Chiropractic and Acupuncture?
  • It is determined by your policy. A patient can contact their insurance company themselves and ask for benefits or our receptionist would be glad to check for you.
What does a Chiropractic visit usually consist of?
  • During your first appointment with Dr. Azevedo you will be asked some in-depth questions regarding your pain. Once Dr. Azevedo has an idea of what he needs to work on, the adjustment will begin. After Dr. Azevedo has finished the adjustment, one of our Aides will perform the modalities the Dr. thinks are best.  These modalities could include ultrasound with biofreeze, massage, cold laser, or traction.  
How much does each visit cost WITHOUT insurance?
  • Chiropractic - Initial Visit: $75.00/Established Visits: $50.0
  • Acupuncture - Initial Visit: $95.00/Established Visits: $70.00
  • Massage - 1 Hour: $70.00 / 1/2 Hour: $45.00 
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